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The first part gives information about the difficulty of the track, transport to Langtang as well as the pricing.
The second part will show the nature, track and accommodation on the track.
About the permits: In 2018 you need a entry permit for $33 and a TIMS card for $20. The official use for TIMS is your safety. They say its needed in case of natural desasters to organise rescue and search.

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There are not many regions you are aloud to go trekking without a guide in Nepal. Usually you share your track with people and guides who have both no idea about the outdoors and alpine terrain alike. That's why we are choosing routes of the tourist tracks. We started to walk in Darbang and crossed to now the Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve and have seen no Tourist at all (June 2018). We continue our track on more busy tracks (with locals) to Jumla. There we pick up Jonas and make our way back via high passes of 4500m plus to some road end west of Dhorpatan.

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Tags: hiking

Tags: hiking