Sunday, the 25 February 2018

We are now in Wellington. Yesterday we have done something special... common sight seeing. We missed that part even in Tiblisi, as we use cities usually for regenerating from tramping (former cycling) around.

We will cross to the South Island on Tuesday. There our tramping will continue. We even consider to visit a great walk instead of backcountry.

Friday, the 16 February 2018

We have been on three hiking trips in New Zealand and decided spontaneously to drive back to Auckland to join a LARP event called Saga about vikings this weekend.
It was a lot of fun playing a lot of board games with David, who invited us to stay at his place after we met him at a board gaming event.

Our car is running fine without air conditioning now. Poor old luxury car.

Tuesday, the 23 January 2018

The car we bought two days ago broke down. Read more about that story here.

Friday, the 19 January 2018

We arrived well in New Zealand and were catched up from the airport from our Couchsurfing host. Why we are here, you can read in our newest story below.

Wednesday, the 10 January 2018

I added some new features to our website. As you can see, there is a new "Latest photos" section beneath, which links to all photos of the last upload date. The photo gallery shows per default only photos without text. You can still see the titles and descriptions, when you click on the buttom "Show photos with tiltes and descriptions". Videos, Stories and Photos can be shown selected by creation date, when clicking on the date beneath it.

Saturday, the 16 December 2017

We are back in Tehran, preparing for our flight. You will soon get an update about, where our flight goes.

Friday, the 15 December 2017

We are now in Isfahan. It s a beautiful city. The bazaar is the best place to go shopping for LARP. If you want to visit Iran, it s also worth it to go to Shiraz, because it s cheaper there, says our host. One traditional silk coat for 50 Euros.

Thursday, the 7 December 2017

Thanks to a nice officer, who helped us to get our visa extension very fast, we are now allowed to stay 30 days more in Iran. We are going to visit some Iranian cities by train and bus.

Next station is Shiraz in South Iran.

Wednesday, the 6 December 2017

We have uploaded some new pictures in Iran. There are also a few new photos online in Georgia.

Frieder is baking Chrismas cookies :)

Tuesday, the 5 December 2017

Today we arrived in Tehran. Iranian people are crazy. We got so many invitations, that we can not accept everyone. On the Charloos Road we got some invitations to Karaj and one more invitation to Tehran. Our current host is still on holiday in the north of Iran, while a friend of him gave us the key to his flat. Amazing.

Saturday, the 2 December 2017

We are on the Charloos road on our way to Tehran. In the morning we were happy to see the first Christmas snow on our tandem.

Saturday, the 18 November 2017

We are now in the Iranian newspaper. You can read the article with google chrome and google translate.

Thursday, the 16 November 2017

Yesterday we arrived in Astara, Iran.

We have been thrown out of Azerbaijan and are blocked to visit Azerbaijan for three years. The Mugan Park Hotel in Sariabad was not able to registrate us correctly at the Migration Department.

Everything changed behind the border. Women wear headscarves, drive cars and walk alone after sunset. There is a real pavement in the city and the mosque is more colorful.

Thursday, the 9 November 2017

Rule number one in Azerbaijan: always have some food with you. Because when you are eating something on a parc bench, no one is going to interrupt you. Silence. No more questions. No more staring. And if some kids still stare at you, someone older will tell them: "Go away. Let them eat."

Saturday, the 4 November 2017

We have arrived in Sabirabad. We did cycle around 500 km since Tbilisi. We have 240 km in front of us to the Iranian border. There we will have a break of several days before we enter the Islamic Republic.

Tonight we are staying in the Muban Hotel - to get the second shower since we left Tbilisi nine days ago. There was no clean river for swimming we could access (without risking a skandal to be seen naked) - so the only chance for clean water was at our first host five days ago. It felt a lot longer, because we didn't even could wash our clothing. All this problems did not accur in hot wheater with nice beaches and rivers for swimming and washing. In the Hotel we did not ask about the price for laundry - the receptionist told us too late to cancel the assignment that washing is 2 Manat per piece (1 Euro). That makes in total 50 Manat - we negotiated a discount af 25 Manat. The Hotel was therefore 85 Manat per night for a double room and washing.

Update news: The photo gallery funktion was updated. It's still not perfect yet, but better than before (not completely broken any more).

Thursday, the 26 October 2017

Frieder got the shit LG G4 VS986 instead of the very good LG G4 H815. It does not support costom ROMs. The android versions locks some functions for America only. For example you can't open a hotspot.

We are in front of the Azerbaijan border. It is the last day of our unlimited Georgian mobile internet.

Our visa for Azerbaijan has 30 days. Then we will enter Iran.

Tuesday, the 24 October 2017

Tomorrow we will be on the road again to cycle through Azerbaijan.

In our hostel we met another traveler from Germany. She is walking from Hamburg to Nepal. You can check out Jessicas blog here.

Sunday, the 22 October 2017

We extend our stay in Tblisi at least until Wednesday. Our next stop will be Baku in Azerbaidschan. We decided that crossing Armenia is now to late, as winter falls already in the mountains.

Mission: Failed. No China Visa in Tbilisi for foreingers anymore. We will try Baku for the Chinese and the Indonesian Visa.

Wednesday, the 18 October 2017

We were 10 days hiking in the Caucassus mountains. Now we are back to Tiblisi. On monday my brother was going back to Germany and on the next day we got our Visa for Iran. These Visas are granting us a 30 day visit to Iran which can be extended at every police station to a total of 90 days - if the officer likes us.

Next mission: Mutiple entry visa for China. We plan to go to the embassy on Friday.