How to quit your job?

written by Elisabeth Mansel in Germany on Friday, the 23 June 2017, last update on Wednesday, the 28 June 2017

If you want to travel for a long time and you are already working, you have to decide, wether you quit your job or try to get unpaid holidays. I decided to quit my job, because I can feel more free, when there is no time limit, when I have to come back to work again. Plus, we are also thinking about moving to another city, when we come back to Germany. I don't worry about finding a new job, when I come back, because I am still young and nearly every IT company is looking for new, young, intelligent employees.

How to tell your colleagues that you have quit your job?

My plan was to bake a cake. So it would be easier to draw their attention. It worked very well. The first thing I heard after "good moring" was: "Hey, look, Lizz has brought us some cake."
I tried to figure out, if everyone of my team was already there, so I could start telling them all at once. Only one was missing. I was still standing in the floor, trying to decide, if and how to start. "Ah, I know what you want. I will erase some strokes of the tally list."
"No, that's not what I wanted", I remarked.
"OK. Everybody come here. Lizz wants us to get some cake."
Now the rest of my team was standing up, getting some cake. But they just said "thank you" and wanted to go back to work. I stopped them.
"I need to tell you something."
I neary started to cry, because it was so hard to tell them, that I will leave them. But now I had everyones fully attention. "I am going to leave this company. My boyfriend and I will travel to India. We are starting our tour in July."
Their reaction was really nice and they were making lots of jokes as usually. The one, who was missing at the beginning, came in and someone told him: "Lizz is leaving us."
His ironical answer was just: "Yes, yes, of course."
He could not believe it, until we told him the whole story. Then he asked me: "What did your father say? Wasn't he concerned about you traveling through these countries?"
Well, I guess, my parents are a bit worried, but they never said anything against my idea to cycle through Europe and Asia. Later, in the morning meeting, I had to inform my whole department, that I had quit my job. I was nervous, when I stood up in front of them. One of my team colleagues gave me a thumbs up and I felt more relaxed.
"Because I know that you all like free food, I decided to give a farewell party. I'm going to leave this company in July and travel to India with my boyfriend."
A lot of amazed, wide eyed faces looked at me.
Then someone asked: "Did you really quit your job? Do you get a redundancy pay?" - "Yes, I quit. No, I don't get redundancy money."
"What would you like to get as a farewell gift?" - "I don't know yet."
"What about a GoPro?" - "Yes, a GoPro would be nice, but that's maybe to expensive."
"You want to cycle in India?" - "Well, India is only the general direction. And we are not planning to cycle the whole way through Asia. If we want to go faster, we will take the train or bus."
"Are you already exercising for your trip?" - "No, not at all. We will exercise in the first two weeks on our tour."
I answered all their questions, but in the end some of them still looked like they couldn't realize it.

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