Second night - party night

written by Elisabeth Mansel in Montenegro on Monday, the 28 August 2017, last update on Monday, the 28 August 2017

Our second night in Montenegro. I was just hoping, that nobody would hunt next to a street, which goes up over 900 meters with a lot of switchbacks. But where to sleep at all, if there is no flat area? Would we even find some place to sleep? We still weren't able to drive that mountain up. It's also just way easier to pull the tandem instead of trying to cycle uphill. The view was always very beautiful. You could see the ocean and the little mountains (up to around 1700 meters high).

The sun was going lower and lower. It was really hard to find a good spot to sleep. We found some, where it would have been possible, but we went on, hoping for a better one. If we won't find something better, we still could go back. Going back is not an easy decision, when you are always getting higher and higher and just don't want to go down to go up all the way again tomorrow. So we went on and on. Then we were really lucky finding a good switchback (460 meters above sea level), which was wide enough for our tent and the tandem.

Before we went to bed, there were a lot of cars stopping in our switchback to watch the great view and to take photos. The night started to be quiet. But at 2 am I woke up because of a car, which was standing in our switchback. They had turned on disco music and the lights of the car were flashing like disco lights. I was worried that they may do something stupid with our tent or our tandem, if they were drunk.
Nothing happend.
20 minutes later they drove further downhill and I was able to sleep again.

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