Staying in Gršćica

written by Elisabeth Mansel in Croatia on Tuesday, the 29 August 2017, last update on Friday, the 15 September 2017

Someone recommended to visit the island Korcula. That's why we were staying in Split for making lunch and waiting for the ferry. Frieder was buying a ticket for the ferry, when a woman started talking to me.
"Oh, we have the same tandem as you have. It's from Hase, isn't it?"
"No, it was made by Velomo. A small company in Germany."
"You are from Germany? Then we also could talk in German."
She pointed at our tandem to show her husband and her daughter, that it's nearly the same bicycle they own. After some minutes they went on walking.

Frieder came back with the tickets and we found a nice park to cook lunch. The path was full of stones and there was nothing what could burn. Some people were going for a walk there, so we surrounded us by the tandem and luggage to make sure that nobody would run into our cooker. On the other side was a street full of cars separated by a little wall.
After we finished lunch we went to the harbour. The ferry was late. We waited there for a while. A backpacker came to us, asking where we are going. But she ran away before I could tell her the name of our website.
Then came a man to us. I had seen him before. It was the husband of the woman with the Stufentandem. He invited us to stay at their place in Gršćica on the island Korcula.
"Just ask for Kiki. Everyone knows my wife there."
We were so happy about the invitation, to sleep in a soft bed again, that we promised to visit them tomorrow. Didier (the husband) just bought a new bicycle in Split, which they used to cycle on the next day. After we slept in an olive grove, we pulled the tandem up a hill. Before we reached Blato we saw what the government is doing with trash in Croatia and were a bit shocked. They were just throwing it down a hill.

In Blato we visited a church and when we were back on the track, Frieder wrote a SMS to Didier to tell them where we are and that we are on our way to Gršćica. They answered us, that they were also visiting Blato with the new bicycle. We continued to pull the tandem uphill and hoped to be a bit faster uphill. Right at the moment when we reached the top of the hill, Didier and Kiki were cycling behind us. That's where Kiki made this photo of us.

I asked Didier, if there are many curves. He said: "No, only two or three."
So we decided to go downhill before Jonas. If there are not many curves we would be faster than him. But no. There were only curves and two or three of them were really sharp turns, where we had to slow down a lot. So Jonas overtook us half the way down.
Gršćica is a wonderful little village at the sea. Their house was big and beautiful. It was very nice that we got a whole room just for us. We also could do some laundry. They also lent us their canoe. It was fun going by canoe but also a bit scary. I canoed before, but only in rivers where you can't get lost like on the open sea.
In the evening they invited us to talk and snack. Some cyclists were stopping a restaurant, but they weren't eating and cycled a bit back and were looking at the houses. We were wondering, if they were searching for a place to stay. Kiki ran downstairs and invited them to stay at their place too.
It was very nice to stay at your place, Didier and Annick. Thank you again for that nice place to sleep.

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