How I got a new boyfriend

written by Elisabeth Mansel in Albania on Sunday, the 10 September 2017, last update on Monday, the 18 September 2017

I like Frieder very much, but after more than three years it’s time for someone new, isn’t it? Change was never easy for me. There are some things I am going to miss. I like that Frieder always ate vegetarian and his long hair looked cute. But I was curious, how a male head with short hair feels like. I never had a boyfriend with short hair, but always wanted to try one. My colleagues told me often, that I should get a new one, because Frieder didn’t earn money and had no time to see me on my birthday, because he had to study. They were right. It’s feels good to get someone new after a long time. Now you will ask, what happened to the plan to travel? Well, I will just continue to travel with my new good looking boyfriend.
Second question: Where and how did I met my new boyfriend?
It all started with an invitation of a bar owner to sleep at his restaurant. We said yes, because it was much better than searching for a campsite. Jonas wanted to go to a barber to let his beard cut. That’s why the bar owner invited us for a coffee on the next morning to wait until the barber opened. So many Albanian people are so hospitable. It’s crazy.
In the coffee bar I made some pictures of Frieder, not knowing, that this would be the last pictures of him, before I would find a new boyfriend.

We went to the barber and Jonas tried to tell the him what he wanted. Frieder stayed outside to watch over the bicycles. I took some photos of Jonas getting his hair cut.
Suddenly the door opened and my breath stopped for a moment. The blond, blue eyed guy, who came in, looked pretty good. When he tried to tell the barber, which hair cut he wanted he just pointed at the short haired head of the barber. Cut by cut the stranger was losing some hair. I also made some pictures of him.

He already looked good, but after the barber was finished with cutting his hair, he looked pretty hot. I was so amazed that I couldn’t hold myself back and ran my fingers through his hair. He glanced at me and smiled. I kissed him and felt a bit like cheating on Frieder.

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