Farewell party

written by Elisabeth Mansel in Germany on Tuesday, the 27 June 2017, last update on Monday, the 3 July 2017

I planned way too much food for my farewell party at work, but I didn't want to be stingy. In a local bakery I ordered two giant pretzels, one very big vegetable quiche and bread. In addition I bought sausages, cheese, gherkins, olives, alcohol-free drinks, champagne and sweets. My boyfriend and I baked four cakes. My biggest fear was, that the bakery may forget about my order. But it all went well. The bakery finished my order in time and the food looked good. I made a little power point presentation for my colleagues to show them, what changes I expect. After my boss had hold a speech about my short career in the company, one of my colleagues gave me my farewell gift. He sashed me with a bicycle tube. That was a really good idea. I thought, that I could use it as a spare tire. Then he gave me a big check in Indian rupees and a card with the signatures of all my colleagues.
"When you arrive in India you can cash the check in the bank of India."
"Really? Is my money now in the bank of India? Is that a real check?"
"Of course, it is."
I still wondered, how I could take that big check with me the whole way to India, when someone said: "And don't trash the bicycle tube."
I never would have thrown the bicycle tube away, because it would have been very handy. Now I knew that the money wasn't in a bank account, it was inside the bicycle tube. There were also two stripes of tape on the tube, where the money had been put in. I felt a bit sad, because now I knew, that I couldn't use the tube as a spare tire. But it still was a very cool and funny idea. The tube looked good on me and I didn't want to lose the money, so I didn't put it down the whole day.
After the speeches everyone was allowed to eat and drink. The food tasted good and I talked to a lot of people.
All in all it was a good party.

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