How I lost my husband

written by Elisabeth Mansel in Iran on Tuesday, the 5 December 2017, last update on Tuesday, the 5 December 2017

We found a very nice camp ground in a national parc. There were great nature and a lot of animals, but also many cars driving over the meadow and some trash. Our camp ground was hidden and close to the sea. Frieder went swimming, but I was too afraid of the reactions of the fishermen, so I stayed with the bicycle. He was wearing swimming trunks, because of the Iranian rules. In Germany he just would have gone nacked on such an empty beach. After swimming we wanted to cook dinner and Frieder tried to use our petrol cooker. When he started the cooker there was a twice as big flame as usally and it did not start correctly. The pipe was broken. We had a lot of luck that nobody got hurt because of this. On the next morning Frieder wanted to go swimming again. I told him to better leave his marriage ring with me. He gave it to me and I put it on my thumb. The ring was still too big for my thumb and was sitting very lose on my finger. When he walked to the sea, I wanted to follow him with a towel. Somehow the towel was slipping through my fingers and I tried to grap it. Frieder s ring fell into the sand and was vanished. We searched the whole sand strip for one hour, but we could not find it. In the end I was sitting on the beach, crying. Frieder tried to help me: 'In 2000 years somebody will find it again.'
Let's hope it's not Sauron, who will find it, otherwise darkness will come over all free peoples.



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