Getting lost

written by Frieder in New Zealand on Thursday, the 18 January 2018, last update on Thursday, the 18 January 2018

The noise of the road starts already with sunrise, even so we pulled the bicycle up a hiking path for 100 metre, next to the Charloos mountain road in Iran. I started the wood burner to heat up some water and cook porridge. The place is beautiful beside the trash and the noisy cars on the small but crowded road. I got lost in memories of the beautiful places we camped in Georgia up in the mountains. On the other hand I thought about our up coming flight from Tehran. We decided not to cross Pakistan (Beluchistan). Afghanistan was never an option. The remaing way east was to cross Turkmenistan that was freezing in December and Visa seldom to be granted. We would have to fly from Tehran - with 2.7 m Stufentandem.
I want to be in the nature, far away from the roads. When I told Elisabeth that morning in Gilan, Iran, that I thought about bringing the bike back home and catch up the boots, I got the impression that I spoke out what she already thought. We dicided to think about it some more time. But nothing changed our minds. Even so it's nice to meet all the people from Albania via Azerbaijan to Iran, but not for the cost of noise and trash on our camping spots. I would love to be in Indonesia or Thailand but not for cycling or backpacking, only for hiking (tramping) but the path network isn't developed and guides are usually required...

We are now in the airport Tegel Berlin. The boarding starts and we will be on the hiking path next week - New Zealand

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