Car breakdown

written by Elisabeth Mansel in New Zealand on Tuesday, the 23 January 2018, last update on Tuesday, the 23 January 2018

There is one point about old cars, which is very annoying. They break down too easy. The day before yesterday we bought an old car (Toyota Windom 3.0G,1996) and today we wanted to start our trip through New Zealand. I smelled some smoke and the climatisation was not working anymore. We spopped to look beneath the car. Next to the motor there was some steam coming up and it smelled a little burned. But there was nothing we could do ourselves. So Frieder tryed to start the engine, but it didn't work. Some nice guy drove us to three different car work shops, but none of them had time to look at our car. Frieder called a bigger work shop in the next town. They said, we could bring it there. So we paid 120NZ$ for the ride. The mechanic had a look on it and we were happy to hear, that it was no big deal and he can fix it. The climatisation was broken and he had to change some things at the drive belt. It will be 100 to 200NZ$. Now we wait, have some fish and chips and hope everything will be fine.



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