Overnight and multi day tramping

written by Frieder in New Zealand on Friday, the 16 February 2018, last update on Friday, the 16 February 2018

Here we collect all our tramping trips we did in New Zealand.

Kamai Mamamuka Forest Park

Tramping days: 4
Trip days: 5
Planned: 6 to 7
Kind: backcountry multi day
Difficult: intermediate start getting more advanced in the south of the park

Planned as a 6 day track with staying in one serviced, two standard and to basic huts.
But the rain on our third day was a lot stronger than the weather forecast promised us and the steams and creeks turned out to be badly flooded. We turned back on our third day. Leaving the track on the same way we came in.

Round the Mountain track, Tongariro National Park

Date: 7. to 13.02.2018
Tramping days: 6 loop
Trip days: 7
Planned: 6 to 7
Kind: backcountry multi day
Difficult: intermediate. One passage you had to use your hands for easy climbing. On one day the water made deep holes on the track you have to climb out. Not difficult, but enjoying.

The track features beautiful landscape and long distance views. It's considerable easy track for a backcountry one. You can use your backcountry hut pass on four of the five huts. It is possible to skip the great walk hut by walking approximately 9 hours straight out (anti clockwise). The first day anti clockwise can be either short 2 hours 30 or by skipping the first hut it's something like 9 hours again, as the track is poorly maintained on this section. We stayed two nights in the Rangipo hut, to let some heavy rain pass us before continuing. Always bring one extra day of food plus safety food.

Travers Sabine circuit in Nelson lakes National Park

Date: 28.2.2018 to 7.3.2018
Tramping days: 7
Trip days: 7
Planned: 9
Kind: backcountry multi day
Difficult: intermediate (small stone fields at the Travers saddle)

We planned to do the Travers Sabine circuit and add some side trips. In the end we only did one side trip to hopeless hut. You could do the tour in 3 to 7 days. It's only going up a little while passing the Travers saddle. And going down the saddle to West Sabine Hut takes quite a while, because it's a bit steep and muddy, so you slip easily, when walking faster. There a lots of sandflies at the lake near Sabine Hut.

Kajaking in Able Tasman National Park

Date: 9.3.2018 to 11.3.2018
Tramping days: 3
Trip days: 3
Planned: 3
Kind: great walk/ Kajak multi day
Difficult: easy .

We decided to do a very touristic geat "walk" thing and ended up with renting a kajak for 3 days for 135 NZ dollars each person. In the DOC office description it says, you take 4 hours kajaking to our first camping place Anchor Bay and 2 hours from there to our second sleeping place Mosquito Bay, if you are an experienced kajaker and have good weather conditions without stopping. We are not experienced in kajaking and we took half the time. We could stay in the DOC times with having breaks and watching seals. But it was nice to lay 3 hours on the beach on the last day because we didn't need that much time to kajak all the way back.

Doubtful valley via devil's saddle to Nina s Valley

Date: 14.03.2018 to 16.03.2018
Tramping days: 3 loop
Trip days: 3
Planned: 3
Kind: backcountry multi day
Difficult: intermediate.

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