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written by Frieder in New Zealand on Wednesday, the 18 April 2018, last update on Wednesday, the 18 April 2018

I wrote the mail to the EC: European commission mail box

The tracks mail:

Dear sir or madam,

the visa rules for incoming tourist to schengen are unacceptable. Tourist visas have only 3 months, that's for 26 countries too short. To apply before arrival on a airport or border is not good.

I suppose to have 3, 6 and 12 months visa. At least the 3 months should be on arrival. A 12 month visa should be possible once in 2 years. This rules should not only apply for states like Canada and US, it have also to affect countries like Russia, Iran und Albania.

Its too often addressed that we have to much illegal immigration. In my opinion is there no problem. As well as I cannot see a problem in having Albanians starting to work 12 months in a row illegal in Germany instead of the 3 months now, return home and coming 3 months later again. Then they would work 12 months in Germany in a 24 month period. No difference. Punish the German employers, not the foreigners. Rather put a CEO of a company in front of a judge, instead of the illegal employed temporary immigrants.

In return schengen citizens should get to as many countries as possible access to 3, 6 and 12 month visa options. Including visa on arrival or at least 12 month validity before entering the country.

Best regards Frieder Nikolaisen Germany

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