Hiking preparation tour near Sonthofen (Germany)

written by Elisabeth Mansel in Germany on Thursday, the 13 July 2017, last update on Monday, the 14 August 2017

Before going to the DAV alpine basis course, we wanted to train our hiking muscles. Therefore we went on a tour near Sonthofen. It was supposed to take 8 hours of walking. With breaks it took us 11 hours.
Here are some pictures at the top of the mountain next to the summit cross:

Behind the summit cross began the challenging part of the hiking trip. We wanted to climb an easy route. I liked that I was doing tracks, on which you should have alpine experience. Well, I didn't have alpine experience at all. There is always a first time in doing things. You don't need experience, you just will get new experience, while doing new things, like going on a big cycle tour.

I was glad, that we picked an easy track. There were only two parts, which had been difficult for me. For the beginning that's enough. It was really scary to take the first step of the ladder downstairs.
Here are some pictures of the climbing parts.

It was really hard walking 11 hours, but it was worth it.

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