Visiting family

written by Elisabeth Mansel in Germany on Monday, the 14 August 2017, last update on Sunday, the 20 August 2017

First station at my brother's house in Mannheim

After moving out we drove directly to my brother, who lives in Mannheim, only one hour away from Karlsruhe. It was good to see him, his wife and my nephew again before leaving Germany. I wonder how my little nephew will look like, when we come back. Hopefully my brother will show him some pictures of his stupid aunt (me), so he maybe could remember my face.

Second station at my father's house near Düsseldorf

I went on by train to visit my father in a village near Düsseldorf, while Frieder was driving to Frankfurt to finish his bachelor thesis. My father's wife Sylvia hab been a nurse. So she also knew how to get stitches out. She said that my wound was healing well and that she had got the tools to pull out stitches at home. I was glad, that I didn't have to go to a doctor again.
Later Frieder also came to visit my father and to pick me up. Before we continued, we also stayed some minutes at the retirement home to see my grandmother. I hugged her longer than usually and hoped that I would be able to see her again after my trip, hug her and show her all the great pictures. At least my words "Hab dich lieb" made her smile a bit more.

Short sight seeing break in Münster

From Düsseldorf we drove to Frieder's Parents by car and made a short break in Münster to see the sculpture art project there. We found some of the sculptures. Here are some pictures:

Third station at Frieder's parents home near Schwerin

We stayed at Frieder's parents place for some days and celebrated the yearly summer party with Frieder's family and his friends. I also was allowed to invite my mother. There were lots of good food and nice people. Frieder let his car there, so his brother could sell it for him. I and all of our travel stuff got into my mother's little car to be driven to Meißen, while Frieder stayed there to see his grandmother one more day.
Here some food pictures:

Last station at my mother's place in Meißen

The last two weeks we stayed at my mother's place. There was so much we still needed to do and only two weeks left. The frame of the tandem was waiting in Weida to be picked up by us. We still wanted to buy some stuff and visit family and friends. Before Frieder arrived there, I was going clubbing with my mom and my aunt. We also went to some art galeries and shows. I met up with an old school friend and we visited the museum of porcelain.
Frieder and I spent nearly one week in Weida until we got our tandem, but we will tell you more about that in an other story. In the last week we visited my grandparents and Frieder's grandmother in Dresden und tried to fix all the problems which arose.

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