Bang bang or welcome to Montenegro

written by Elisabeth Mansel in Montenegro on Tuesday, the 22 August 2017, last update on Monday, the 28 August 2017

We were happy to cross the border to Montenegro. At first we wondered why there was no queue and were lucky to pass the border that fast. An other strange thing was, that there was no policeman waiting for us, so we waited for him to come to us and check our passports. After that we drove down the hill and saw a car queue at the second border control to Montenegro. We weren't sure, if it was possible to drive past the car to the front to get through, so we waited for the other bicycles behind us to see what they can do. After they managed to get to the front of the queue, we followed them.
The policeman looked at our tandem and in our passports and said: 'What is that thing? Ah, Germans are crazy.'
Then he asked us, what is our profession and told us his one. It was a bit strange.
A sign was telling us, that we can find WiFi in 4 kilometers at a Petrol station. Yay. (That's where I am sitting right now)

We searched for a good camping ground and found a good one on a meadow with some sheeps. The night was quiet.



There was someone shooting something somewhere. I was afraid, that he maybe was on our meadow. Frieder went out of our tent to check that out.
'Yes, there is someone with a dog', he told me.
'Oh, and he is wearing a gun. Shooting, I don't know what.'
Frieder walked to him, so he would see us and not shot us. The man said: 'What are you doing there? It's a hunting ground not a camp ground. I didn't see you. I could have killed you by accident.'
At least he was not that crazy, that he would have wanted to kill us. We hurried up to pack all our stuff and drive back to the big street. The crazy man was still shooting at nothing.

(pictures will be have been added with more internet)

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