Zit Saddle Route

We were hiking over the Zit Saddle during Easter 2018. Which is part of this route: http://www.doc.govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/places-to-go/west-coast/places/kokatahi-river-whitcombe-river-area/things-to-do/tracks/toaroha-zit-saddle-kokatahi-lathrop-saddle-styx-river-route/

This was the most difficult track we tried in New Zealand, as the Saddle itself is only slightly marked and difficult to pass over in misty conditions, we had on our first crossing. On our way back out, the navigation in sunshine was quite easy.
The track is in the Kokatahi Valley a bit overgrown, but we did not attempt to follow the track deeper in, as our supplies were quite low for the long distance left to complete the route. Prior experience in New Zealand is trekking is needed, before attempting this track. You should be familiar with the thick undergrowth and alpine srup, as well as with the unpredictable weather of the islands. Also you must be familiar with mutual support method for river crossings and you need a personal locator beacon.

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